Saturday, January 29, 2011

Insane stock picks for the week of 1/31

+$1.61 last week........lets keep this ball rollin......This week I'm going to give an expanded view of the set ups on multiple time frames

This one looks good to go for monday

This is another one that looks ripe for monday

This looks to open weak monday but should bounce

Talk about an explosive stock.....may need another week or so before you see the fireworks
but it looks like a low risk play at its current level
 That is all that I see that look properly set up......I'm sure there are more and if I find them, I'll add them later
A few that are on watch but not quite set up are $ZIXI $LNG $FCEL

New addition

A bio that has been riding its 20 day

Gold Review

The market had it's worst day since mid August, it looked like many investors were taking their money out of equities and moving it to Gold.  So I thought I would post a couple of charts so we can get a better sense of where gold may be headed and what it needs to do to turn around.

Looking at the daily, Gold looks to have bounced off support and is ready to break resistance

But the weekly chart shows possibly a different story, with a 50 day magnet
 Where Gold heads from here will be interesting to watch.  With the charts on the markets breaking down, investors may start moving more into the metals.  Lets take a look at the S&P 500......

That's all I have for now.........have a great weekend and stay hard!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Review of Insane stock picks for the week of 1/24

$FCPG on 1/24

$FCPG on 1/28
P/L +0.01

$ZAGG on 1/24
$ZAGG on 1/28
P/L +1.02

$PAL on 1/24

$PAL on 1/28
P/L (0.26)
This one wasn't quite ready but I believe it is now
It will be on next weeks list

$ANAD on 1/24

$ANAD on 1/28
P/L (0.21)
Closed the week below the 10 day

$ZIXI on 1/24

$ZIXI on 1/28
P/L (0.09)
Another one that wasn't ready but will remain  on the list

$WNR on 1/24

$WNR on 1/28
P/L +1.14
P/L of total picks for the week is +1.61